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PassivDom can 3D print you a $32,000 house in eight hours


As 3D printing techniques improve we’ll see more house builders embrace the technology to build bigger and better homes faster and cheaper than they do today.


Building a house by hand can be both time consuming and expensive, which is why more and more homebuilders are trying to automate the process.


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Now, hot on the heels of 3D printing house builder Apis Cor, who I covered a few weeks ago, a new Ukrainian company called PassivDom has announced it’s also using a 3D printing robot to print houses, and the results are quite good.


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The machine can print the walls, roof, and floor of PassivDom’s 380 square foot off grid home in eight hours, then the windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are added by a human worker.


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PassivDom’s homes, which start at $31,900, are now available for pre-order online in Ukraine and the US, and the first ones will be delivered later this year.

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