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Futurist Podcast: The Future of Leadership in VUCA-MAX times with Maureen Metcalfe


In this podcast Futurist Matthew Griffin explores how today’s increasingly complex and disruptive world is changing how leaders think about the future and their organisations, and discusses the mindset and strategies they can use to navigate this complex world successfully.


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Firstly, thank you to Maureen Metcalf and the team at the Future Innovative Leadership Institute for asking me to join them on a podcast to discuss the future of leadership in a VUCA-MAX world where nothing stays the same, where everything is getting faster and more complex, and where sci-fi is increasingly sci-fact.


Futurist Podcast: DeepFakes and the Future of Synthetic Content, The Mentor Project


Today we’re seeing the CEO’s of major corporations burn out faster than ever before, with the average tenure falling from just over 10 years to just 5 in the past decade, and surveys show that CEO’s control just 45% of what happens to their companies – such as talent hiring and retention, product development and R&D, and so forth – with the remaining 55% coming from external trends and factors.


The Future of Leadership in VUCA-MAX Times, with Futurist Matthew Griffin


And, against the backdrop of the emergence of hundreds of technologies and trends it’s unsurprising that many leaders today feel over whelmed by everything, as well as find it increasingly difficult to see it all, understand it all, and plan for what could – or could not – be coming to prop up or destroy their companies prosperity.


Futurist in the press: Forward Thinking, Bentley Centennial Magazine


During the podcast we covered all manner of topics, great and small, explored the future, discussed the importance of future ready mindsets, and discussed what leaders and their teams can do today to prepare themselves and their companies for what’s coming tomorrow.

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