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Futurist Podcast: The Future is Crazy with Ben Wright


In this podcast Futurist Matthew Griffin and Ben Wright explore the future of AI, really weird AI’s, the future of business and money, and lots of other topics!


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Firstly, thank you to Ben Wright host of the hit show the Effective Advisor podcast, for inviting me down to Barclays Banks’ startup incubator at Eagle House in Southampton in the UK to discuss the future of absolutely everything – provided it was related to finance and investing, and education and work …


Futurist in the press: Forward Thinking, Bentley Centennial Magazine


As the world around us all changes at a faster and faster rate and in extraordinary ways, and as we see different exponential technologies such as Meta Artificial Intelligence (MAI), as we discuss, starting to go supra exponential in their rate of development, it seemed apt to discuss what these changes were and their impact on global business, culture, and society. And it proved to be a fascinating session for both of us as we got our teeth stuck into some of the most impactful subjects of the day. As you can hear for yourself we crossed a lot of topics.


The Future is Crazy, with Ben Wright and Matthew Griffin


We discussed the world of finance and the future of financial advisers where we’re seeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) already being used to create robo wealth-advisors and help individuals like Mr. Mankind create and scale multi-million dollar Decentralised Finance (Defi) businesses almost autonomously, in days, and for almost zero cost. Then we chatted about the future of value, the challenges that investors face in a world where both the rate of value creation and value destruction are frankly extraordinary, in the tens of trillions of dollars, and then we dove into the future of jobs, work, and skills just before touching on the rise of fully automated and autonomous companies and the impact of those on society and the terror that is AI legal liability.


Futurist Panel Session, Austria: The New Technology Generation with Partners Group


We then also did a deep dive into how we should think about the future of education and learning in this world, the skills our children will need to master in order to remain relevant and gainfully employed for the next fifty years in jobs that pay well, and then Ben asked the fateful question … “[Knowing and seeing what I know now] what advice would I give to my ten year old self?” to which I replied, with the ability to back this point of view up and admittedly with some caveats, “Quit school.”

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