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Meet the $2 Billion submergible superyacht that turns into a submarine


If you have enough money anything is possible … ?


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A while ago I showed off the Triton 36000/2, a luxury private submarine that could travel to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and back again in 16 hours, offering high net worth individuals the ultimate travel experience. And I also talked about a Chinese military naval ship concept that was part ship part submarine which, in this case, acted as a loitering ammunition supply vessel … Now though, topping both of these, luxury submarine manufacturer Migaloo has released images for a gigantic 165-metre superyacht that, wait for it … converts into a submarine that lets owners journey beneath the waves on the ultimate off-grid adventure.


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The fully customisable M5 model not only converts into a submarine but also includes a helipad, hangars with room for hot air balloons and trucks, and two extra individual submersibles for guests who want to strike out alone.


Courtesy: Migaloo


According to Migaloo, the yacht can remain submerged for four weeks and has room to accommodate up to 20 guests and 40 crew and staff. Early concept images show the M5 ploughing through the ice before stopping off to explore with a matching Migaloo expedition truck and coasting beneath tropical seas.


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Owners can collaborate with the Migaloo team to tweak the design and interiors and install whatever equipment they need. Price is available on application – but is estimated to be around the $2 billion mark.

The submergible superyacht has a range of 8,000 nautical miles with a speed of 20 knots at the surface and 12 knots when submerged and frankly I want one …

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