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Featured Futurist: The Future of Finance and HR, KSA Govt



During this session futurist Matthew Griffin and other thought leaders discuss the future of the global financial services industry and its implications on talent and hiring within the industry.


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Firstly, it was a great honour to be asked by the Financial Academy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s financial services learning and development body, to join thought leaders from Ernst and Young, and the Creative Leadership Institute, to discuss the future of the financial services industry  and the actions the regions financial services organisations need to take today in order to prepare themselves and their employees for it in Riyhad.


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During the event we heard from Terence Mari, who discussed the future of leadership, as well as from leaders from HSBC and the kingdoms central bank, and then went on to unpack the technologies and trends that will shape the industry and its hiring and raining practtises for the next decade.


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For my part I discussed the big picture changes including the four great system level disruptions as we move from traditional banking, to Fintechs, to Decentralised Finance (DeFi), open source banking which is not the same as open banking, and the arrival of fully autonomous hedge funds in Hong Kong and Wall Street.


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Perhaps most importantly of all I then also discussed how a Smart Fridge can disrupt your bank, how Robo-Advisors could end up paying everyone a Universal Basic Income, and how crypto mining could help governments eliminate all taxes on citizens.

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