Technology decentralises products and services, and now it’s decentralising all manner of jobs that previously could only be done if people were physically present.


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Firstly, thanks to Nick and the team at Forbes for asking me to contribute to their latest T-Mobile Brand Voice article, which is a part of a much larger series of work I’m doing for T-Mobile, where we discussed the impact 5G will have on what we dubbed “Tele-X.” Or, to put it another way, the impact that 5G’s ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low latencies will have on the ability of people in one place to do things in another.


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Things such as being able to perform Tele-Surgery where surgeons in one country can operate on people thousands of miles away using 5G and robotics to revolutionise the healthcare industry – something alone that could save over 50 million lives a year and help a further 140 million people who today don’t have access to surgeons or surgical facilities. Or being able to control drone construction equipment to build buildings thousands of miles away as we saw with Doosan in Germany.

All of which is just the tip of the iceberg and you can read all about these and many other amazing use cases in the article:



Source: Forbes

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