Auto manufacturers are relentlessly pursuing a future without drivers and Elon Musk and Tesla want to be at the forefront of the revolution.


Elon Musk has let of another Twitter storm, this time concerning the future of Tesla’s autonomous cars and software updates, and he told his assembled Twitter fans that Tesla’s coast to coast tests are still on track to take place at the end of this year, which means that you could see coast to coast autonomous driving by 2018, and that all Tesla cars built since October 2016 would be updated.


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The plan, which he announced earlier this year at a TED talk, is “to go all the way from a parking lot in California to a parking lot in New York with no controls touched in the entire journey.”

He also gave updates concerning Tesla’s Autopilot system after some users reported finding the experience uncomfortable after the speed limitations were lifted in May and he added that Tesla’s now updated the software for a smoother ride to give Tesla owners “an experience that is as smooth as silk.”

The speed limit on the vehicles was originally limited to 145 km per hour (90 mph) on highways and no more than 8 km per hour (5 mph) above the speed limit when off the highway, and as if that wasn’t enough to send every Tesla driver over the edge on excitement he also announced that the next updates would feature a perpendicular parking capability and auto windshield wipers.


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However, all of this is arguably still just the beginning for Tesla and Elon Musk after he penned a deal with Dubai who are going to be one of the first countries in the world to build out a futuristic end to end autonomous transportation network, that includes Hyperloop trains and flying taxi’s, and who knows, again, if Musk has his way, we might see Tesla’s zipping along underground tunnels in Los Angeles as, when and if his Boring Company plans get underway.

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