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Stability AI releases its first Text to Animation tool



Increasingly we can use natural language text prompts to create everything from animations and images to drugs and videos …


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We’re entering the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “Anything,” and we’re starting with Text-to-Anything first such as Text-to3D Object, Text-to-Image, Text-to-Music, Text-to-Video, and even Text-to-Drug, and from anime to childhood classics animations have brought stories to life by combining still images. Now, with just a text prompt, you can generate your own animations using AI.


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On Thursday, Stability AI, the AI company that created Stable Diffusion, unveiled a Text-to-Animation tool that allows developers and artists to use Stable Diffusion models to generate animations.

The tool, known as Stable Animation SDK, can generate video from three different inputs including text alone, text and an initial image, and text and an input video.

Unlike DALL-E or Bing Image Creator, you can’t access this model simply by visiting a website. Rather, using this model requires more advanced technical skills to install and run the UI, including coding.


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The cost of an operation is based on a credit system and varies depending on the video dimensions and 3D render mode. The cost ranges from 0.058 to 0.174 credits per operation.

For full details on how to use Stable Animation SDK and the cost involved, visit Stability AI’s developer platform for Animation SDK.

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