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Pentagon scientists microchip detects COVID-19 in the blood before symptoms show



Being able to detect viruses in the blood and filter them out before they cause harm has its uses …


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One of the biggest problems during the COVID-19 pandemic was the spread of misinformation campaigns that kept telling everyone that Bill Gates and “the Government” were out to get them all by using the global vaccination program to insert microchips into everyone. And, frankly, while all that was just so much junk now Pentagon scientists have, rather ironically, created a microchip that can detect viruses in the human blood stream in near real time before symptoms manifest themselves, and a filter that can filter them out of the blood stream using common dialysis machines.


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DARPA, the bleeding edge US military research arm, has been working on the prevention and termination of pandemics for many years under the P3 Program that I first talked about years ago, which aims to identify and stop pandemics in their tracks in just sixty days, and one of their recent innovations, which they discussed on 60 minutes, was a microchip that detected an individual’s COVID infection before had a chance to take hold. And, obviously the officials who spoke to the 60 Minutes team said the Pentagon didn’t want to track all your moves …

Former Colonel Matt Hepburn, an Army infectious disease doctor who leads DARPA’s response to a pandemic, showed the 60 Minutes team a tissue-like gel designed to continuously test blood. The green gel contains a microchip that senses when the body is infected.

“You put [the gel] under your skin and it tells you that a chemical reaction is taking place in your body, and that signal means you will have symptoms tomorrow,” he explained, adding that  they were inspired by the struggle to stop the spread of the virus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt where 1,271 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus.


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“It’s like a ‘Check engine’ light,” Hepburn said. “Sailors receive signals, self-manage blood draws, and test themselves in the field, and that information is available in 3-5 minutes. When you truncate that time, when you diagnose and treat, what you do is stop the infection with that single ‘trace.’”

The US military at large is likely to be very sceptical of new inventions though. During February the New York Times reported that a third of the US military personel reported refusing to take the latest vaccines fearing they contained a microchip designed to monitor them, could permanently disabled the body’s immune system, or help enforce some form of government control.

The team also showed off a new filter that’s placed on a dialysis machine and removes the virus from the blood, an experimental four-day treatment of which was given to Patient 16, a military spouse who was in the ICU with organ failure and septic shock.


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“You let it pass, it removes the virus, and restores [clean] blood,” Hepburn said. And within a few days Patient 16 was fully recovered. The FDA has approved the filter for emergency use and it’s already been used to treat nearly 300 critically ill patients. And as for the microchips, well, I’m sure those will spark lots of interest in certain circles …

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