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Futurist Keynote, Antwerp: Investing in the Future, Infosys Finacle



As the pace of change continues to accelerate many companies find keeping up with it a daunting prospect, and it’s no less of an issue for the financial services community.


Firstly, thank you to Bharadwaj and the team for inviting me to be this year’s keynote speaker at the Infosys Finacle Conclave 2018 held in the beautiful, sunny city of Antwerp in Belgium to talk about the latest innovations in banking, cybersecurity, customer experience, and regulation, and shine a light on how investing in the future will change over the years and decades to come.


Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of Health and Wellness, Willis Towers Watson


Like many companies in the era of digital disruption even the most future savvy and forward looking banks can find the pace of change daunting, especially when you realise the breadth of it, and while many are busy developing strategies to cope with it the harsh truth of the matter is that in many cases the pace of change is so extreme that many of those strategies are often out of date before they’ve hit the board room table.


Watch the keynote, Investing in the Future


In such times it’s therefore often the banks that follow a path of continuous self-disruption and exploration, rather than just tweaking their business models, that thrive and survive. And needless to say the purpose of the conclave was to play the role of a catalyst in this process.


Futurist keynote, Paris: The Future of Sustainable Cities, ChangeNOW Summit


With the theme of Accelerate Digital the conclave helped attendees discover new opportunities, and identify potential strategies to accelerate their bank’s digital transformation journey, and throughout the two days the event brought together over 300 banking leaders and innovators from more than thirty countries to share their inspiring stories, and hear the latest thinking.

Supported by a handpicked array of speakers, insightful industry keynotes from companies including Accenture and IBM, interactive panel discussions and cross learning from banking and non-banking thought leaders alike there were also plenty of networking opportunities and a wealth of memorable experiences.

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