Predicting the Future

Predicting the near future is a relatively simple task, after all, ask almost anyone in the street today what they think the future of cars will look like and they’ll tell you it’s autonomous and electric. And they’ll be right.


However, trying to predict the medium, and then the long term future accurately, as you’d expect, gets fuzzier the further we go out, and then trying to keep track of it all becomes somewhat of an administrative nightmare. As a futurist though this is all just part of my day job, and as today it seems that everyone, particularly futurists, want to brag about the accuracy of their predictions, so with that in mind, and as more of an interesting test than anything else I’ve taken the step of creating a dynamic timeline of my predictions which you can scroll through below, and if I’m wrong then hands up, but if I’m right, well, it’ll at least show me that my modelling is on the right track.

Keeping Score

Am I hitting the mark or is it time to get a new job? Let’s check the score.

  • Spot On, Keep Your Job
  • Near Miss, Try Harder
  • Miss, Go to The Employment Office
  • Still In The Future

Started in 2018 the timeline you see below is a dynamic work in progress, and as the dates come and go I will mark off the predictions I managed to nail, and the ones I didn’t for everyone to see. There’ll be no hiding, no fudging the figures, and everything will be transparent for everyone to see. Enjoy.

[content_timeline id=”1″]

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