Scientists are creating next generation vaccines that are contagious
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The way that we vaccinate people today is, arguably, outmoded, but the next generation of vaccines that are being produced could be contagious and that could change health, and healthcare, forever   What if you never got ill again? Ever. I’m not talking about... Read more
New heat resistant material shatters records
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As we push the boundaries and create new, more powerful nuclear reactors, and faster vehicles, protecting them from thermal harm becomes increasingly important, this breakthrough could mean more powerful reactors and faster hypersonic vehicles   A team of researchers in the UK have discovered... Read more
Berkeley Lab team pushes the limits to build a 1nm transistor
Berkeley Lab breakthrough might reboot Moores Law Transistor size is an important part of improving the price-performance of today’s computer systems – the smaller your transistors, the more you can fit on a chip and the faster and more efficient your processor can be. Accomplishing what was theorized to be impossible according... Read more
Techs biggest names are working together to regulate AI research
AI, the Genie we’ve let out of the bottle is on the cusp of improving at an exponential rate and we need to talk about the potential consequences Artificial intelligence is hitting its stride, already giving us machines that can drive themselves, talk to us, fight in our wars,... Read more
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