Ethereum founder thinks crypto can disrupt Mastercard and Visa in “next few years”
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The processing networks that the major credit card companies have built up over the years means that they’re difficult to disrupt, but as we learn so often difficult doesn’t mean impossible…   The brain behind the runaway train that is Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is matter... Read more
Chinese Government orders the “immediate shutdown” of all Bitcoin exchanges, BTC balks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Bitcoin shows no sign of stopping or slowing down so regulators and governments are now starting to take the regulation and “management” of the “stateless crypto economy” more seriously   A little while ago I gave a talk on the Future of Money, which... Read more
DNA encryption arrives to protect your genome from prying eyes
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We are increasingly sharing our DNA data online, and sometimes you don’t want everyone to see everything, so now researchers have developed the world’s first DNA Encryption product   When we talk about “security” it’s probably fair to say that not many people think... Read more
UK passes payment milestone as cards overtake cash as king
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Cash has been with us for Millenia, however, slowly but surely its reign is coming to an end but the road to phase it out completely will be a long one   Over the past five years there has been a dramatic rise in... Read more
Australian researchers claim a blockchain record of 440,000 transactions per second
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Blockchains relatively low transaction speeds could stop it from reaching its full potential, but now a research group from USYD claim to have smashed the performance barrier that could have held it back   Researchers at Australia’s University of Sydney (USYD) announced this week... Read more
Automated trading algorithms accidentally wiped $22Bn off Facebooks share price
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Algorithmic traders use automation to their advantage to try to beat the market, but when data goes bad the shockwaves can reverberate across Wall Street and the global markets   Facebook’s stock suffered a dramatic flash crash yesterday seconds after it released its second... Read more
China’s cashless future, PBoC gets ready to launch world’s first national cryptocurrency
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The use of cash in society is falling and some of the world’s largest central banks are creating new cryptocurrencies and planning for a future without cash   China’s central bank has announced that it’s going digital, but while that shouldn’t be a surprise... Read more
A secret trader just made over $200 million in a month trading Ethereum
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many speculate that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are riding bubbles that are about to pop, but as the adoption of cryptocurrencies, by individuals, organisations and governments increases it’s likely they’re wrong   An unknown cryptocurrency trader turned $55 million of paper wealth into... Read more
Goldman Sachs is automating IPO’s and finance
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Organisations in the financial services industry have the money, resources and financial need to automate and increasingly no stone is being left unturned   Goldman Sachs, and, it has to be said most banks and financial services organisations are on an automation tear at the... Read more
Featured Futurist: Future of Insurance, Risk Management Solutions magazine
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Quantum computing will present the insurance industry with an unparalleled opportunity to transform their businesses, in this interview with RMS I discuss how organisations can tackle the challenges that lie ahead   Quantum computing is on many companies minds at the moment and the... Read more
Apple’s becoming a bank by the back door
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Increasingly Apple wants to be your wallet, your payment provider, and maybe one day your bank of choice, but if they do “become a bank” then it’s unlikely it’ll be like anything like we’ve ever seen before   It’s been rumoured for nearly five... Read more
Russian researchers have created a ‘Quantum safe’ blockchain
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Tomorrow’s quantum computers will be able to crack at least seventy percent of all today’s encryption algorithms within minutes, but now Russia says they’ve created the ultimate, secure blockchain technology   Researchers at the Russian Quantum Center (RQC) announced earlier this week that they’ve... Read more
Toyota ties up with blockchain startups to connect its world
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Blockchain is one of the world’s most promising emerging technologies and it’s now finding its way into the automotive and transportation sectors   Just a few weeks after Ford officially ousted its CEO in order to make way for a new, more future focused... Read more
DTCC wants to put hundreds of trillions of dollars of securities transactions on the blockchain
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The Vice Chairman of the DTCC argues that a lack of standards is holding back blockchains adoption in the financial services industry, and he wants to change that   Last week Larry Thompson, the Vice Chairman of the US Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation... Read more
New blockchain tools are helping people reclaim control of their online identities
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF You lost control of your online information, and your online identity, almost a decade ago, but now companies are using new technologies to help you regain control of it   The Sovrin Foundation, a non profit organisation who’s building a range of online “Self-Sovereign Identity”... Read more
Special Report: The Future of Insurance 2020 &Beyond
THE INSURANCE industry, it can be argued, is unique because, unlike other industries its services help support and protect every conceivable activity and every industry – both on and off world. Consequently, when we discuss the future of insurance what we are also discussing, indirectly, is the future of... Read more
Wall Street traders are getting crushed by AI
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF More investment companies are embracing AI to help them find an edge in the market and generate massive returns, and so far the data indicates that AI traders are crushing their human equivalents   An international team of researchers from the School of Business... Read more
An AI hedge fund designed a cryptocurrency to open source Wall Street
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The finance marketplace is unique in that, unlike the technology sector, it has little to no “network effect” but one entrepreneur is trying to change that   Wall Street is a competition, a Darwinian battle for the almighty dollar. Gordon Gekko said that greed... Read more
Descartes Labs new AI visual search tool lets you find everything on Earth
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF People have been using satellites to take photos of the Earth for decades but until now you’ve never been able to search it to find things of interest, or combine it with other data to identify patterns   Recently a company called Planet increased... Read more
Wall Street supremo’s pile into a new AI hedge fund dubbed the future of finance
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Until now the financial services industry has never been able to benefit from a network effect, but that’s about to change and it could tip Wall Street on its head   The “Network Effect” is a phenomenon known the world over, it’s where a... Read more
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