US legislators new SELF DRIVE Act lays the foundation for a country full of driverless vehicles
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As automakers continue their pursuit of the perfect self-driving car US lawmakers are uncharacteristically leading the charge and laying the groundwork to facilitate a nation full of autonomous vehicles   Last year Michigan became the first city in the US to sign into law a... Read more
World’s first GPS Spoofing attack puts 20 ships 32km inland at an airport
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF New technology keeps lowering the bar for criminals and nation states that want to cause mischief and harm, and now the makers of autonomous vehicles have something new to worry about   Recently there have been reports of satellite navigation problems in the Black... Read more
South Korea introduces the world’s first “Robot Tax”
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Experts and governments are predicting that a rising tide of automation will have a dramatic impact on today’s workforce and lower tax receipts, and taxing the machines and robots driving the revolution is becoming an increasingly popular idea   South Korea has introduced what... Read more
GM announces it’s ready to mass produce self-driving cars
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Building a few prototype self-driving cars is one thing, but mass producing them is another ball game entirely, and now GM say they’ve cracked it   As the race to create the world’s first viable self-driving car fleets hots up with companies like Ford... Read more
Tesla’s self-driving cars will drive coast to coast in 2018
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Auto manufacturers are relentlessly pursuing a future without drivers and Elon Musk and Tesla want to be at the forefront of the revolution   Elon Musk has let of another Twitter storm, this time concerning the future of Tesla’s autonomous cars and software updates,... Read more
Nvidia has found a way to let people peer into the brain of its AI
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As AI’s that rely on neural networks become more integrated into our global economy, and the digital fabric of our world, people are concerned that noone can explain how they do what they do, but Nvidia thinks it might have an answer…   A... Read more
Uber suspends entire self-driving car program after Arizona crash
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Getting technology ready for the mass market often involves years of rigorous testing, but again it looks like humans could be to blame for this latest self-driving fender bender   Uber has suspended its entire driverless car program, which affects its trials in Arizona , after... Read more
Uber’s self-driving car crashes and flips in Arizona
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Technology takes time to perfect, but in an age where sci-fi keeps becoming sci-fact it’s easy to forget it has flaws   A self-driving car operated by Uber was involved in a crash earlier this morning in Tempe, Arizona, in what is just one of a... Read more
Toyota’s latest third space concept car wants to be your friend
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Cars are evolving, they’re no longer modes of transportation, they’re lounges and homes on wheels, and Toyota’s Yui wants to be your friend   Toyota recently revealed a new concept vehicle with a virtual companion named Yui built in and while, in the past... Read more
Uber’s self-driving cars, not their drivers, ran red lights in San Francisco
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The race to stay ahead can sometimes lead companies to do strange things but technology still has its limits   Last December, a self-driving Uber was caught on camera running a red light in San Francisco, shortly after the vehicles began testing on the roads... Read more
Dubai buys 200 self-driving Teslas to complete the world’s first autonomous transportation network
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Dubai’s government have now got everything they need to create the world’s first, full end to end autonomous transportation network   A little over a year ago Dubai Future’s Foundation and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced they were committed to seeing at... Read more
Musk: Telsa’s first fully autonomous car to appear within six months
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many analysts used to believe that driverless cars were a decade away, but company after company, including Tesla, wants to prove them wrong   The majority of people, well, when I say the majority of people what I actually mean, looking at the surveys,... Read more
Nissan’s self-driving cars are coming to London
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The UK and Europe lag behind the US and other countries in trialling autonomous vehicles, but now the UK Government looks like it’s starting to thaw and let manufacturers loose in the cities   In the first test of its kind in Europe, next... Read more
Velodyne’s new miniature LiDAR means many more autonomous things
  WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most of the new smart things that we are creating rely on sensors to map, move around and interact with our world, and LiDAR is a key sensing technology that helps things see, Velodyne’s new product will accelerate the creation of smart, autonomous... Read more
Ubers self-driving car fleet quits California and heads to Arizona
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Regulators often get in the way – sometimes rightly – of the testing and adoption of new technologies but companies often find a way round them   Silicon Valley is known as the home of tech innovation so it’s no surprise Uber chose San... Read more
Two self driving Ubers ran red lights in San Francisco
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF While this incident has been put down to human error, allegedly, cyber attacks on fleets of driverless cars could make these sorts of scenes common place unless companies come together to develop new security standards   Ubers self-driving fleet has already run into trouble... Read more
Fords latest self-driving car looks surprisingly normal
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most of us can spot a self-driving car from a mile off because of the huge, bulky sensor arrays strapped to their rooves, but as s   Ford has pulled the wraps off of its second-generation driverless Fusion Hybrid just one week before the... Read more
Self-driving Ubers hit the streets of San Francisco
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF while many questions remain about the safety of self-driving cars companies like Uber continue to push the boundaries of both technology and regulations, this is their second self-driving car pilot and their technology has already come on leaps and bounds   Already being trialled... Read more
Michigan greens lights the use of autonomous vehicles on all its roads
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF While many people question if autonomous vehicles are ready for the prime time without the right regulatory and legal frameworks in place to support them they will never make it out of the showrooms   The Governor of Michigan has signed into law a series of... Read more
Uber pulls the covers off of its new AI lab
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As the capability of new artificial intelligence systems improve more organisations are leveraging AI products and tools to help them maintain and extend their competitive edge   Uber have announced that they’ve launched an artificial intelligence (AI) lab and acquired Geometric Intelligence, an AI... Read more
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