World’s first GPS Spoofing attack puts 20 ships 32km inland at an airport
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF New technology keeps lowering the bar for criminals and nation states that want to cause mischief and harm, and now the makers of autonomous vehicles have something new to worry about   Recently there have been reports of satellite navigation problems in the Black... Read more
Virtual reality lets cyber security experts patrol their networks Matrix style
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Virtual reality will give cybersecurity analysts the ability to patrol their networks like cops On the beat in the real world, and it could lead to significant gains in productivity and protection   The future of the workplace is, understandably, a hot topic for... Read more
Blockchain experts are putting a stop to governments putting backdoors in software
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Governments want backdoors in software and criminals want to exploit them to spread malware, now a blockchain based system from Switzerland could put a stop to both   A new blockchain based software update framework from the team at the Decentralized-Distributed Systems (DEDIS) lab at the... Read more
DNA encryption arrives to protect your genome from prying eyes
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We are increasingly sharing our DNA data online, and sometimes you don’t want everyone to see everything, so now researchers have developed the world’s first DNA Encryption product   When we talk about “security” it’s probably fair to say that not many people think... Read more
World first as researchers hack a computer using modified DNA
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As we increasingly become masters of manipulating the makeup of life criminals will find new, innovative ways, to breach computer systems and cause havoc   We are increasingly becoming masters of manipulating the building blocks of life, whether it’s creating new “alien” life forms... Read more
Skynet booted as Pentagon straps “Mayhem” autonomous AI into critical systems
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It is inevitable that the AI will play an increasingly important, automatic and autonomous, role in defending a country’s critical infrastructure and systems and this is the Pentagon’s first step, but as some will say, “First step to what…?”   After seeing the raw... Read more
MIT tests the future of cybersecurity, pits AI’s against AI’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In the future cybersecurity will be almost fully automated using AI, and many say we’ve already entered into a new AI fuelled digital arms race   Hot on the heels of DARPA’s Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition that they held last year, where thirteen... Read more
Researchers set a staggering new Quantum teleportation record
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The techniques and devices used to set a new quantum teleportation record will one day allow us to build the robust quantum repeaters that we need to build secure, internet scale quantum networks   Mention teleportation and real sci-fi fans jump out of their... Read more
Darktrace’s new AI automatically stops cyber attacks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF AI’s are increasingly being deployed to expose and eliminate cyber security threats and now fully autonomous cyber security platforms, that take humans out of the loop, are becoming a reality   With the number of cyber attacks rising exponentially and with many organisations now... Read more
Researchers hack classified air gapped systems using drones and LED’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Air gapped systems are used to hold and protect top secret data, and they’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to hacks   Air gapped computer systems have always held a special fascination for hackers – firstly because of the challenge that surrounds being able to hack... Read more
A fifth of the Dark Web just got shut down
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The Dark Web is home to criminals and political activists, and a hacker who went after the former just showed how vulnerable it is   Last weekend over 10,000 dark web sites were taken down in an attack that aimed to take down sites hosting... Read more
Never seen before fileless malware infects hundreds of global banks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new form of never seen before malware has been discovered and it’s getting more common, unlike previous forms of malware that rely on files to do their dirty work this one lives in computer memory – and that’s a problem   Just a... Read more
Two world firsts as researchers hack an unhackable quantum network
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A team of Canadian researchers have achieved a world first and hacked a quantum network, then they accomplished another world first and discovered how to identify hacks   As we saw during the recent 2016 US election, protecting traditional computer systems and electoral systems,... Read more
Bromium’s micro-virtualisation technology stops Malware in its tracks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With the number of cyber attacks rising exponentially companies are turning to virtualisation to help them contain attacks, and it looks like it’s working   Speak to anyone – anyone at all, even your grandmother, and they’ll tell you that the number of cyber... Read more
World’s best AI robo-hacker takes on Botnets
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Human security experts are having trouble keeping up patching the security exploits in their company’s IoT connected products, now they’re turning to artificial intelligence to do it for them   Last summer the Pentagon, in conjunction with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency... Read more
Liberatus AI whips world’s top poker players to take $1.7m pot
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Poker is unpredictable, and noone predicted an AI would beat four of the world’s top players – not even its creators   An artificial intelligence (AI) called Libratus from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has beaten four of the world’s best poker players in a... Read more
Hiding on the Dark Web just got a whole lot easier
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new Tor update has just created a new, even darker section of the Dark Web and it’s great news for privacy advocates – and criminals   Only ten to twenty percent of the web can be searched and indexed by search engines, and... Read more
US Designates Election Infrastructure as ‘Critical’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With only 55% of the world’s population now living in democracies it’s important that voters, governments, and other nations can trust the integrity of a country’s voting systems, but while this move gives US election systems more protection participation is voluntary so we could... Read more
Hacking pacemakers and medical implants gets harder as FDA issues new cybersecurity guidelines
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF More and more implanted medical devices are becoming connected devices and this exposes them to cyberattacks, the FDA’s new cybersecurity guidance hopes to curtail, and prevent deaths that might result from an attack on people’s IMD’s   You have a pace maker. It’s hacked.... Read more
IBM opens the worlds first commercial Cyber Range
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As more organisations are subjected to cyber attacks it is important they have a way to evaluate their readiness, and their ability to identify, mitigate and manage events   It was a big day for IBM on Monday as it opened its new security... Read more
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