World’s first GPS Spoofing attack puts 20 ships 32km inland at an airport
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF New technology keeps lowering the bar for criminals and nation states that want to cause mischief and harm, and now the makers of autonomous vehicles have something new to worry about   Recently there have been reports of satellite navigation problems in the Black... Read more
Self-evolving killer robots are almost here, and experts want a debate
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Few realise just how fast we’re approaching the tipping point for autonomous warfare, but in a time when we can’t control, or even predict the evolution of AI and “Smart” systems the time for debate, arguably, was ten years ago   As it increasingly... Read more
UN cancels crucial 2017 debate on autonomous warfare because Brazil owes it money
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Noone wants war, and arguably noone should want autonomous war where AI’s and robots make the decisions, but for the fifth year in a row the UN has cancelled it’s scheduled debate, over the funding of the meetings   Share your opinion, is this... Read more
Nvidia’s latest autonomous drone flies off grid
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Increasingly more devices and products are able to navigate their surroundings without having to rely on external systems or platforms, and as AI moves into the devices themselves it’s all just one more step on the path to fully autonomous behaviours   GPS can... Read more
Boeing teams up with America’s biggest ship builder to build autonomous subs
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The future of warfare is autonomous, but undersea, autonomous drones and submarines have a lot of civilian capabilities too   A year after DARPA launched its own fully autonomous mine hunter and a few months after they announced they plan on building  American undersea... Read more
An ocean going drone is protecting the world’s largest marine reserve
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Conservations have always had to work on a budget, I know, I’ve been one, but now technology is helping them in ways that were previously unimaginable Stuff   Whether it’s robots stunning invasive species like Lionfish and the Crown of Thorns, or scientists using... Read more
Switzerland might build a $3.4Bn autonomous underground transport system
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Roads around the world are filling up with cars and lorries and now Switzerland is thinking about moving lorries, vans and delivery carts underground   Everyone wants to get away from rush hour traffic, especially if you’re stuck behind a truck, even if it’s... Read more
Amazon is on track be the world’s first fully automated fulfilment company
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The combination of “old school” robotics and new AI and Machine Vision technologies is helping robotics companies automate increasingly complex tasks that were once thought to be the exclusive domain of humans   By the time you’ve picked your Amazon parcel up off of... Read more
US General: ‘Swarms of autonomous Hunter-Killer drones will lead Marines into battle’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The automation of war, and warfare, is accelerating as countries race to embrace new AI powered autonomous platforms   The US Marines, who recently announced they want their own fully autonomous F-35’s are getting their “Low Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Technology” platform, also... Read more
The USAF turned an F-16 fighter jet into the world’s most advanced drone
  WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Militaries around the world are weaponising AI and drones to create semi, or fully, autonomous weapons platforms and the pace of development is accelerating   Earlier this week the US Air Force (USAF) announced that it has managed to turn  an F-16 fighter... Read more
Fast, deadly laser wielding underwater robots revolutionise fish farming
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Inventors have found a novel way to combine new technologies together to help fish farmers reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve the yield, and health, of their farm reared Salmon   When you think about laser-wielding robots that are equipped with the latest machine... Read more
Amazon completes it’s first autonomous drone delivery on American soil
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Time to delivery is the new retail battlefield and Amazon is getting closer to realising its 30 minute goal   Amazon, who last December became the first company to successfully complete the UK’s first drone delivery, has been testing its Prime Air drone delivery drones... Read more
DARPA’s TERN drone gives US Marines a new wingman
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most of today’s drones are limited by the distances they can fly and the payloads they can carry, now the US wants an eye in the sky that can help protect, and resupply troops wherever they are   Terns are a family of shorebirds... Read more
New US military intercept tech lets operators take control of enemy drones
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new technology breakthrough from Department 13 will help the US military take control of enemy drones and turn them against their operators   So, the friend of my enemy is my friend? In the past it was enough for governments to want to... Read more
F-35 pilots will team with AI to control swarms of drones in mid flight
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Teams of humans, AI’s and drones take center stage in the future of warfare, until that is AI’s replace humans   In the wake of a recent announcement that the US will stand up it’s first fully autonomous drone squadron later this year earlier... Read more
Airbus will test its new “Sky taxi” later this year
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With more people moving into the cities gridlock is becoming the bane of most people’s lives, Airbus and others, including Uber propose taking to the skies but people with vertigo should watch out   Airbus has been eyeing the increasingly interesting, and viable, flying... Read more
Watch the F/A-18 release swarms of autonomous drones into the sky
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The Pentagons new autonomous, swarming drones can acquire, identify and take out any target   Swarms of robots are nothing new, universities have been playing around with them for years, but now the Pentagon has gone one step further – as well as scaled... Read more
Singapore is developing a drone airspace management system
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With our skies due to fill up over the coming decades with more and more drones authorities are in a race to try to find new ways to manage and secure their airspace before disasters happen   Over the next decade our skies will... Read more
China’s Ehang gets serious about autonomous sky taxis, begins tests
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Flying cars and klying taxis’s have been tried before, they’ve been scoffed at, but the investment, regulatory and technology environment is now coming together in their favour, one day you’ll be able to take a ride in one   At Las Vegas’ glitzy Consumer... Read more
Velodyne’s new miniature LiDAR means many more autonomous things
  WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most of the new smart things that we are creating rely on sensors to map, move around and interact with our world, and LiDAR is a key sensing technology that helps things see, Velodyne’s new product will accelerate the creation of smart, autonomous... Read more
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