Lockheed shoots drones out of the sky with it’s newest laser weapon
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Laser weapons are coming of age and it won’t be long before they’re deployed on the battlefield, and that’s bad news for drones and drone fans   Remember when you were growing up and every sci fi film you watched, from James Bond to... Read more
Researchers use 3D printing to create a soft electronic wearable
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Electronics are normally hard and that makes them difficult to integrate into wearable devices or clothing, but now new soft electronics could pave the way for a whole host of new applications   The human skin, even 3D Printed artificial skin, is amazing, but... Read more
Kalashnikov show off their first ever hoverbike
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Kalashnikovs new hoverbike has civilian and military use cases but most people will just want one to commute in   Last week Kalashnikov, makers of the famous AK-47 and part of the Russian defence giant Rostec, announced that it’s branching out into what it... Read more
Revolutionary new IoT chip communicates miles without using any energy
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF IoT devices only “work” if they have connectivity, but up until now trying to get data from a sensor in a field, or a toaster at home, has meant fitting them all with battery powered communications gear, new backscatter devices solve that issue  ... Read more
Lockheed show off their orbiting Mars station concept
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The race for Mars is on and companies are now lining up to get astronauts into orbit, and onto, the red planet, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens   At the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, last week rocket... Read more
Musk unveils his plan to put a million people on Mars starting 2024
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It’s inevitable that humanity will, at one point or another, become an interplanetary species, and Musk wants it to happen in the next decade   It’s no secret that Elon Musk wants to, on the one hand, get to Mars himself, famously saying back in... Read more
Russia reportedly re-activates autonomous “Deadhand” AI, plugs it into nuclear arsenal
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It’s probably time we had a proper discussion about AI and killer robots, that is if the politicians can see beyond the end of their noses…   Ever since Artificial Intelligence (AI) began helped military complexes and defence organisations move the dial on automating... Read more
World’s first GPS Spoofing attack puts 20 ships 32km inland at an airport
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF New technology keeps lowering the bar for criminals and nation states that want to cause mischief and harm, and now the makers of autonomous vehicles have something new to worry about   Recently there have been reports of satellite navigation problems in the Black... Read more
Lockheed’s new camera puts a space telescope in your pocket
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Increasingly we’re using new, and advanced, optical systems to monitor everything that goes on around us, both on Earth and in space, and the more the sensors improve the more we can watch   Today’s space telescopes, like the Hubble or the newest kid on... Read more
Microsoft unveils it’s new real time AI engine
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF AI’s that can analyse data in real time will become increasingly important as we come to rely on them more and more to help us make, and automate, decisions   It’s probably fair to say that in many cases, whether it’s the new breed... Read more
Virtual reality lets cyber security experts patrol their networks Matrix style
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Virtual reality will give cybersecurity analysts the ability to patrol their networks like cops On the beat in the real world, and it could lead to significant gains in productivity and protection   The future of the workplace is, understandably, a hot topic for... Read more
World first as researchers hack a computer using modified DNA
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As we increasingly become masters of manipulating the makeup of life criminals will find new, innovative ways, to breach computer systems and cause havoc   We are increasingly becoming masters of manipulating the building blocks of life, whether it’s creating new “alien” life forms... Read more
Self-evolving killer robots are almost here, and experts want a debate
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Few realise just how fast we’re approaching the tipping point for autonomous warfare, but in a time when we can’t control, or even predict the evolution of AI and “Smart” systems the time for debate, arguably, was ten years ago   As it increasingly... Read more
Machine gun equipped drones get ready for battle, autonomy next?
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The race to automate war, and arm drone platforms, is accelerating almost unchecked and whether or not it’s a good thing depends on your point of view   America has some 300 million guns in circulation, and, we all know how much some most... Read more
UN cancels crucial 2017 debate on autonomous warfare because Brazil owes it money
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Noone wants war, and arguably noone should want autonomous war where AI’s and robots make the decisions, but for the fifth year in a row the UN has cancelled it’s scheduled debate, over the funding of the meetings   Share your opinion, is this... Read more
New all seeing cameras will revolutionise computer vision as we know it
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagine a camera that can see and analyse every part of the visible and non-visible spectrum at the same time, now imagine it’s in a search and rescue drone, or a hunter killer robot…   Hey, I know you like hearing about the grand... Read more
NASA 4D prints new materials and mulls printing self-assembling space stations
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Transporting equipment into space is very, very expensive so NASA has turned to 4D printing to help it create new materials and types of space craft   Space is a harsh unforgiving environment and just getting into orbit is still, despite Elon Musk and... Read more
Plasma jet engines get ready for real world trials
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Plasma engines are the stuff of science fiction, and now it looks like they’re ready to come out of the labs and push new limits   Imagine a jet engine that could propel an aircraft faster than a traditional engine and take it all... Read more
MIT tests the future of cybersecurity, pits AI’s against AI’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In the future cybersecurity will be almost fully automated using AI, and many say we’ve already entered into a new AI fuelled digital arms race   Hot on the heels of DARPA’s Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition that they held last year, where thirteen... Read more
World first as Chinese scientists communicate without sending any data, revolution in computing beckons
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Being able to communicate without sending any data, and without using any particles as intermediaries, sounds impossible but scientists have just demonstrated it working and it could change everything about technology and communications as we know it   Firstly I’m going to get this... Read more
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