Futurist in Johannesburg: The Future of Innovation, ITWeb Enterprise Mobility Summit
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many experts say that creative machines are still decades away, and that machines that can innovate and iterate are even further away, but during this presentation I show that they’re already emerging, writing music and creating mass market products   It was with great... Read more
Futurist in Amsterdam: The Future of Money, iGaming Super Show
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As more industries look to engage their new digital, omni-channel customers in new ways they often look to the gaming world for inspiration, and there’s plenty of inspiration to be had   Firstly I’d like to thank Michael Caselli, the Editor in Chief of... Read more
Featured Futurist: Future of Insurance, Risk Management Solutions magazine
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Quantum computing will present the insurance industry with an unparalleled opportunity to transform their businesses, in this interview with RMS I discuss how organisations can tackle the challenges that lie ahead   Quantum computing is on many companies minds at the moment and the... Read more
Futurist in London: The Future of Customer Experience, Marketforce CX20:20 Summit
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The future of personalisation is intertwined with the future of privacy, and as we head towards an Algorithmic Society I ask if it’s time to take back control of our data   Today it can be argued that customer experience is more important than... Read more
Futurist in London: Behind the scenes at Marketforce’s OpsTechFS 2017 event
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The financial services industry is going through one of the greatest transformations since its inception as it tackles not one disruption but three, namely AI, Blockchain and “Digital”   Yesterday, and much to the chagrin of the audience of financial services professionals and executives... Read more
Futurist in Dubai: The Future of Minds &Machines, Dubai IAICC International Innovation Conference
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Dubai is a city that was gifted nothing, and had to earn everything, and it was a great pleasure to speak there, in a place that is rapidly becoming the very embodiment of the future   Dubai Dubai so good they named it twice…... Read more
Featured Futurist: Discovery Channel, Elon Musk and the Future of Transportation
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Elon Musk is an amazing entrepreneur and thanks to the Discovery Channel I got to talk about his latest adventure   Elon Musk is a crazy dude, in my opinion, in a good way. While most CEO’s are content running on the treadmill that... Read more
Futurist in Frankfurt: The Future of Automated Trading, Battle of the Quants
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Algorithmic trading has existed for decades but in the past five years it’s undergone a revolution thanks to new advances in AI and data science   As you fly into Frankfurt Airport you’re reminded of the German’s love of efficiency, technology, and bold, but... Read more
Featured Futurist: Handelsblatt Global, Battle for a trading edge
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As financial services organisations around the world increasingly embrace AI we ask the question – are the algorithmic models they’re creating infallible?   Handelsblatt Global is the Financial Times of Germany, and it was my privilege to be interviewed by them before speaking at... Read more
Futurist in Paris: The Future of Law, Dentons
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Change can be scary, especially if you’re unprepared, however, with the right insights and experts around you it can also present you with boundless new opportunities   With over 8,000 lawyers, in over 140 locations in 52 countries Dentons is the world’s largest law... Read more
Futurist in London: The Future of Blockchain, Marketforce Blockchain Summit
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Blockchain is turning into a force of nature that’s changing the world and as the hype around the technology reaches fever pitch everyone wants in   It’s always a great privilege to be invited to take part in Marketforce’s wonderful events and the Blockchain... Read more
Futurist in London: Behind the scenes at BBQ in the Clouds
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The world is going “Digital” and the majority of companies in today’s world are either already becoming software companies, or thinking about it, and DevOps is an increasingly important tool in today’s corporate arsenal   Firstly, a big thank you to George the event... Read more
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